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APT M260 chipping hammers

The APT Chipping Hammers are used for work such as scaling, chiseling, removing concrete build-up from the inside of concrete mixers, light concrete demolition, cement finishing and form stripping.


  •  New patented Ball Valve design (Pat. # 8,276,682 B2)-more forgiving of dirt and debris, easier to maintain, made from corrosion resistant material
  •  Ball-type throttle valve – less complicated, makes teasing the throttle easier
  •  Drop forged steel handle and collar
  •  Deep case hardened alloy steel cylinder
  •  Replaceable nose bushing
  •  2 – bolt design for easier field maintenance
  •  Adjustable exhaust deflector
  •  Available in 3″ and 4″ strokes
  •  Tools come standard with: Standard oval collar retainer (Part # 7022) Locking Spring (Part # 1941) 6 ft Whip hose assembly (Part # 9266)
  •  Optional quick change retainer systems available are: # 5550 Ball – type Retainer with Locking Spring # 18290 Ball – type, Bolt-on Retainer

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Bore Diameter(inches)
Stroke (inches)
Blows per Minute
CFM @ 90 psi
33 - 35
Weight (lbs)
Length (inches)
Air Inlet Size