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The E20 is the excavator that gives you more than you could ever ask for.
It’s a perfect balance: combining all the benefits of the ZHS (Zero House Swing) with the best performance (force and stability) of a 2-ton conventional tail excavator.
Plus, the operator area is even bigger than in the conventional tail models.
The retractable undercarriage reduces the E20’s width to less than 1 metre for working in confined areas. And the automatic swing brake, combined with the four tie-down points integrated into the upper-structure, make the E20 exceptionally easy and safe to transport.
The best forces, combined with the best stability, enable you to perform any job. And if you need to be gentle, the smooth hydraulics provide you with precise control to perform fine tasks.
In addition, the operator space is not only big but conformable, with excellent all-around visibility and easy access to all the controls in both canopy and cabin option.


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Operating weight
1,930 kg
Additional weight for cab with heating
81 kg
Additional weight for long dipperstick
6 kg
Additional weight for long dozer blade
9 kg
Ground pressure with rubber tracks
31.1 kPa
Make / model
Kubota / D722-E2B-BCZ-7
Number of cylinders
0.7 L
Maximum NET power (ISO 9249)
9.9 kW
Maximum NET torque (ISO 9249)
42.3 Nm
Digging force, dipperstick (ISO 6015)
10,371 N
Digging force, long dipperstick (ISO 6015)
9,279 N
Digging force, bucket (ISO 6015)
20,835 N
Drawbar pull
19,302 N