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the turbo-charged S160 deliver lots of muscle, lift capacity, lift height and travel speed. Powerful diesel engines produce plenty of traction and breakout force for excavating and handling large loads. There’s also a 16.9-gpm hydraulic pump for efficient attachment performance. As with any Bobcat loader, you get a wide choice of quick-mounting Bobcat attachments. The operator can easily replace a bucket with a backhoe, pallet fork, landscape rake, sweeper, tiller and grapple, along with many more.


• Easy entry and exit

• Long wheelbase for smooth, comfortable ride

• Excellent visibility to sides, front and rear corners of loader

• Roomy comfort for operators of all sizes

• Rear-pivot seat bar

• State-of-the-art instrumentation

• Fully-enclosed cab and heating system available

• Air conditioning system available (S160 only)

• Fully-adjustable suspension seat available


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Rated operating capacity
726 kg
Tipping load
1452 kg
Pump capacity
100 l/min
System relief at quick couplers
22.4-23.1 MPa
Max. travel speed (low range)
0 – 11.8 km/h
Max. travel speed (high range - option)
0 – 17.9 km/h
Make / Model
Kubota / V2607-DI-TE3B-BC-2
Fuel / Cooling
Diesel / Liquid
Power (ISO 9249 EEC)
43.3 kW
Torque at 1425 RPM (SAE JI 995 Gross)
200.7 Nm
Number of cylinders
2600 cm3
Fuel tank capacity
90.8 l
Operating weight
2730 kg