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Experience the incredible power and smooth ride of the T300 compact track loader. It’s defi nitely the right loader for the toughest applications. The T300’s dedicated rubber track system keeps you working in soft, muddy ground conditions, easily handling the toughest jobs. A wide choice of Bobcat attachments adds to the productivity and versatility of this operator-friendly, cost-effective machine. Like all Bobcat loaders, the T300 is designed for unsurpassed toughness, dependability and serviceability.


  • The T300 cab is operator-friendly, designed for maximum comfort and functionality.
  •  With its larger cab opening, the loader is easy to enter and exit.
  •  The innovative seat bar pivots from the rear, providing secondary restraint protection and serving as a comfortable armrest for operators of all sizes.
  •  High-output halogen headlamps double the amount of illumination to the work area for better operation in low light.
  •  The T300 also features a new, easy-to-read, highly functional instrument panel, along with a number of value-added options.
  •  Air conditioning is available in the fully climate-controlled cab.

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Rated Operating Capacity1
3000 lb. (1361 kg) @ 35% of tipping load
Operating Capacity
4317 lb. (1958 kg) @ 50% of tipping load
Tipping Load
8633 lb. (3916 kg)
Hydraulic Pump Capacity
21.2 GPM (80,25 L/min.)
High Flow Option
37 GPM (140,1 L/min.)
Ground Pressure (18 in. tracks)
4.1 psi
Travel Speed
6.6 MPH (10,6 km/hr.)
Operating Weight
9354 lb. (4243 kg)
Length (with bucket)
142.9 in. (3630 mm)
Width (with bucket)
80.0 in. (2032 mm)
80.9 in. (2055 mm)
Height to Bucket Pin
126.4 in. (3211 mm)