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Genie AWP 20S

  • Choose from two bases (standard or rough terrain) and four platform options
  • User-friendly ground and platform controls with auxiliary platform lowering
  • A tilt-back frame allows the AWP-36 and AWP-40 to roll through doorways
  • Quick set-up and simple to operate
  • Durable patented Genie® mast system
  • Easy to maneuver around and over obstacles with the Rocker Base System
  • Small outrigger footprint for positioning close to walls
  • Easy loading and transport in pickup trucks
  • Super-Straddle option to work over fixed seating

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Working height*
26 ft 1 in
Platform height
20 ft 1 in
Height - stowed (Standard)
6 ft 6 in
stowed (RT/Narrow)
6 ft 7 in
Length - stowed (Standard)
4 ft 1 in
stowed (RT/ Narrow)
5 ft 3 in
Width (Standard)
2 ft 5 in
Width (RT)
2 ft 6 in
Width (Narrow)
1 ft 11 in
Outrigger footprint (l/w) (Standard)
5 ft 1 in/4 ft 5 in
Lift capacity
350 lbs
Outrigger footprint (l/w) (RT/Narrow)
5 ft 4 in/4 ft 2 in
Corner access*** (Standard)
1 ft 3 in
Corner access*** (RT/Narrow)
1 ft 2 in
Wall access front/side (Standard)
6 in/1 ft 1 in