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The Kodiak Medium Duty Rotary Cutter starting with 11 gauge steel and years of design, this KODIAK Medium Duty Cutter provides powerful performance and a smooth cut.


  • Primed And Quality Paint Finish Applied To Rotary Decks
  • Floating Top Link Hitch
  • 11 Ga. Deck
  • Quick Hitch Compatible Cat. 1 Hitch
  • Replaceable Skid Shoes
  • 7In. Channel Iron Sides
  • Series 4 PTO Shafts
  • 5/8In. Solid Stump Jumper
  • Laminated Tail Wheel
  • Easy Adjustable Tail Wheel Height
  • Blade Replacement Deck Hole
  • Cast Iron Gearbox

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Cutting Width
6 Ft..
Hitch Category
Cat. 1
90 HP
PTO Protection
Slip Clutch
Cutting Capacity
2 In. Material
Deck Thickness
11 Ga.
Approx. Weight
822 Lbs.