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The improved Jr. Sod Cutter sports a host of new features, including reduced hand/arm vibration, cut by a remarkable 75 percent for more comfortable operation. A new pneumatic rear castor wheel with lockout allows for cutting around curved landscape features or straight strips with unmatched precision. A true workhorse, the Jr. Sod Cutter packs the speed, convenience and reliability you’ve come to expect from Ryan.


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Weight/Wet: 12 in Model
333 lb (151 kg)
Weight/Wet: 18 in Model
373 lb (169 kg)
25 in. (635 mm)
53 in. (1,346 mm)
40 in. (1,016 mm)
9.9 cu in. (163 cc)
Fuel Capacity
0.82 gal. (3.1 L)
Oil Capacity
0.61 qt (0.58 L)