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Stone’s Mud Buggy easily moves concrete, mud, gravel, dirt and more over tough job sites. The Mud Buggy overcomes the worst obstacles and obstructions – to get you and your load where it needs to go.

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Capacity (m3)
16 cu. ft. (,45)
Weight (kg)
1370 lbs. (621)
Length (cm)
105.5” (268)
Width (cm) Single Wheel
33.75” (86)
Width (cm) Double Wheels
46” (117)
Height (cm)
45” (114,3)
Wheelbase (cm)
42” (107)
Max. Load (kg)
2500 lbs. (1136)
Stake Bed Size (cm)
Engine (kW)
13 hp Honda (9,7)
Speed (km/h)
7 mph (11,3)
Fuel Tank (l)
7 gallons (26,5)
Discharge Height (cm)
6.5” (16,5)
Quick-Release Dual Tires,Foam-Filled Tires,Electric StarStake Bedt,Steel Tub