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  • Heavy-duty cantilever springs provide smoother towing.
  • Reinforced cowl provides superior engine protection and ventilation while allowing easy access.
  • Oversized, heavy-duty steel paddles for fast, complete mixing.

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Batch Capacity - Bags
1 - 1.5 bags
Batch Capacity - Volume
9 cu. ft
Total Drum Volume
15.1 cu. ft
Honda GX240
Drum Options
Steel or Plastic Side Dump or End Dump
Wheels, Bearings & Axle
B78 x 13 (25" diameter) high speed tires, tapered roller bearings, 56" Axle/ Cantilever Springs
Dimensions (L x W x H)
Side Dump: 84" x 56" x 65" End Dump: 85" x 85" x 71"
800 - 875 lbs.