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Backed by the engineering expertise and innovation of a world-leading equipment manufacturer, the TRIPLE-L trailer from JLG® offers the best combination of productivity, quality and value for your money. Unlike ramp and tilt-bed systems, the TRIPLE-L trailer features the exclusive Power Deck system, a unique hydraulic mechanism used to lower the entire deck of the trailer to ground level. This eliminates the need to drive, pull, winch, or push a payload up or down a loading ramp and provides for faster, safer and more efficient loading of everything from construction and industrial equipment to vending machines and supplies.


Keeps all loading and unloading at ground level

■ Eliminates chances of dropping cargo off ramps

■ No climbing to access machine tie-downs

■ No heavy, hinged ramps that can come loose or drop

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Capacity (lb)
Deck Width
5' 10"
Deck Length
Overall Length
Trailer Weight (lb)
Wheel Size